Monday, 26 March 2012


What a glorious weekend!!It was bf's birthday and we went and watched the footie and the dog racing.....was a very manly weekend but I did enjoy it!

A good day was  had by all. The polka dot dress I have on was from Tesco and cost me a fiver in the sale!!!

love axx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I heart spring bits

In my mounds of studying today I had a quick peruse at a couple of accessories I fancy......I've already spied out a few dresses a couple of posts ago!!As I was mentally styling those dresses I realised I needed a few accessorises to accompany them (I don't want them to be lonely!)

These are super cute with flowery material and bird/bow combo!!However at £10 I do think they are a tiny bit pricey. They are from the ever faitful accessorize

This is so cute and comes in a variety of colours/ways of attaching to your head. I love crown and glory, I think their items are so pretty and can really make your outfit. It's also £5 plus p+p. Which I don't think is too much, due to the statement it will make!

To match the hair band, this bag is soooooo cute and very minniemousesque. It's £25 and very, very pretty!Good ole Topshop

These are supercomfy and all real leather, I also like the purple lining. £29.99 so fairly expensive for sandals, but as they are clarks you know they'll last and due to the styling, they won't need to stay hidden next summer!

I really want to try the pixi range and at £20, this seems a good price (it comes with a free bag). They use natural ingredients so are good for a more sensitive skin type like moi. Chem them out on ASOS

These are big and beautiful baby and I already own them. They were in ASOS's top 50 picks last week and I picked them up for £8. They are sadly now back to £16, but being Jeepers Peepers I don't think that's too bad. They are lovely!!(Post to follow with them in I'm sure)

I have deffo got a heart trend going on!!!£8 from ASOS

I have featured these before....they are so cute I couldn't help but show them again. £44.99 from Clarks....they are unbelievably comfy, bring on payday
Am drinking jasmine tea in bed now.....gotta long day at College tomorrow. Coffee and gossip will get me through!!!Muchos Love,

Monday, 19 March 2012

my weekend

Having very little money, we had a very quiet weekend. It consisted mainly of baking for me and Xboxing for bf. I was also sad about Mother's day as I miss my Mummy lotses.
I had a guiness, my family are Irish so I do love St Paddys!! 
In my baking efforts I rustled up Sultana scones. vienesse whirls, shortbread, Victoria sponge and some chocolate covered honeycomb. Bf's Mum and Grandmum came over on Sunday for tea and cake which was nice
I love,love,love my vintage cakestand. I saw it in a florists and my bessie went back and bought it for me for my birfday!
Tomorrow I have a mountain of work to do....yawn, am also hoping the majority of the bf's pressies arrive (it's his birfday on Fri) so I can begin wrapping them. Fingers crossed we get an offer on our house this week, am desperate to start planning the move....


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bring on pimms and strawberries

I am bored doing employment law, and thinking that I should be doing job applications..........:-(

However, looking at all the pretty dresses online is cheering me up slightly. How cute are these??!!

Topshop tall £50

Topshop tall £36

ASOS £35

ASOS £32

Matalan £18

NewLook £19.99  

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What a month..

Wow, I can't believe that nearly a month has gone by........What a month it has been!!! I have had yuk exams (really,really hard!) and now I am meant to be doing TC applications.....yawn!

This is of course what I'd rather be doing...
Or painting  my nails........