Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Break for revision

I have my last exam on Monday (well untill August, when I'm retaking the ones I missed in February). Really worried about it now!I feel like I don't actually know anything!!!Ahhhhhh..... Oh well, I'm looking forward to just being able with getting sorted with the house!
I have been doing a teeny bit of shopping and have bought myself  a fab dress
And I have also treated myself to this top (hasn't arrived yet)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so cute, think it will look nice with shorts for Glasto!!!!

I cannot wait for Glastonbury, looking forward to really being able to relax, indulge and generally just get involved!!!

I also went to Zumba for the first time ( I know I'm slow) on Monday and I absolutely loved it. I haven't really done any exercise since February, so it felt great to do some. WIll also be good as I have put on SO much weight!! Hopefully it will lead me on to other things, I really would like to start running along the beach!
Right, I'm going to grab a cuppa tea and get on with it.
Love axxx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Back to blogging

Since February 4th I have had the most awful time of it. My Mum dying is very hard to write about and to even think about to be honest. The fact that she died through suicide makes it even harder to comprehend. Some days I'm ok and I feel like it hasn't sunken in properly and other days I just feel so lonely.People have been lovely but I find it hard when they try and compare losses of others to mine, theres so many more layers to it, the fact that my Mum chose to die the way she did.
It's very weird to think that at 22 I have been left completely without parents or any brothers and sisters and to try to carry on with my life. I always seem to be confronted with situations that remind me quite how lonely I am. My Mum was my best friend and we had so much fun together, just going for coffees, shopping, having dinner and drinking wine. She was the person that got me into indie music at a young age and who I could share everything with. She knew me better than anyone in the world, having been just me and her for most of my life and I think thats why it feels so hard now.

My boyfriend and friends have been amazing and I do realise how lucky I am to have them. I feel that I should start blogging again as I was enjoying writing about different bits and I love reading other blogs as well. I feel that by blogging I will have my space to write down my thoughts and feelings and to write down if I'm having a bad day. I also want to carry on writing about clothes and lawschool and everything else in my life. So there we go really, I'm back!!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

lack of posting

I have not posted for a while and not sure when I'll post again. My Mum committed suicide on Friday. Has been horrible and will continue to be horrible.Love axxx

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Spending a rio

ASOS have been doing a comp to add loads of stuff in your bag with the chance of winning it all......That was a good hour wasted!!!!/ASOSOfficial?v=app_173957682649087

In my bag I included many items from bikinis to playsuits to a leather satchel, more brogues (though I am STILL waiting on the Bertie brogues) and now I really hope I win, though the chances are slim.Here are a selection of bits that I put in my basket

ASOS leather vintage style satchel

ASOS Techno Boheme Printed Jersey Culotte

Mango heart skirt

One teaspoon tie back bandeau dress

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

YMC playsuit

I haven't got any piccies of moi to put up today as I've been revising most of the time and felt a picture of me going crosseyed attempting to revise tax law wasn't a very good idea.

On the plus side, I am now one of my CLP's representatives at county party level, which is quite exciting. The BF is off to Glasgow on the 12/13th Feb weekend for the youth conference. Most GF's would probably be sad as it is valentine's weekend, however as I have three exams the next weekend I feel its a blessing. (Thats right 3 exams at a weekend!!!YUK!!)

On Tuesday I am off out for my friend Michelle's 21st, so should have a few nice piccies from that. Not sure what I'm going to wear yet, will plan tomorrow me thinks. Am spending tomorrow revising and getting my eyebrows waxed (prob go for a cheeky costa as well) deffo be the revision that will be the most painful.

Off to sleepies now, (sorry about the dullness of this post, will be more exciting next time I promise)

Love axxxx

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Let's talk about tax baby

Not really. My lawschool tutor sung that (Salt 'n' Peppa I believe) to try and get us to enjoy tax law, sadly it didn't work!!!Just a quick un today, just got back from Aquagym and am FAMISHED!!!!!Got salmon cooking in the oven and am very excited so this post is a race against time as it were!!!

Today I thought I'd do a quick review of the product that got me so OBSESSED with soap and glory. That product is this....NO Clogs allowed!!!As you can see from above it is very well used in my house. This is about my 3rd bottle. My Mummy and BF both use it as well!

I put about a grape sized amount on my face and rub it in quite ferociously. The mask heats up (quite strange the first time) and leaves your skin feeling very soft and well clean.Timing  Depends on what kind of face mask you want to be honest. I leave it on from 5- 15 mins. I would throughly recommend it!!!!
Anyways food and revision await!!!Night all,


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pearly queen and dreams of Paris

Hi all,

Well I have had a throughly lazy weekend and haven't done the Lawschool work that I wanted to. Nevermind!!!!I think its done me good to have some chillaxing time and I plan to work really hard this week as the exams are only a month away. On the positive side I have actually taken a few pictures for the blog!!!!:)I am very pleased with myself!

On Friday I had a bit of a spend up and bought the Bertie brogues that I featured a couple of posts ago. I also went to Topshop and had a rather disappointing time, the lace dress I was desperate for just didn't look quite right. In the 14 it fitted but was too baggy round the waist adding inches which I really do not need. Whereas in the 12 it was too tight on my childbearing hips!!!I also didnt like the trousers as they were a tiny bit too short (even in the tall range!!!) I did like a burt umber type top but at £32 I thhought it was a bit pricey for how many times I'd wear it!!

In HM I did have a bit more success and bought myself a skirt (which I haven't worn to take a piccy of yet) a summer maxi dress and a very Hepburn style hat. We are going to France this summer which both are perfect for. The dress was half price at  £7 and the hat a bargain at £3!Furthermore as my Mum says, "When it gets to summer the hats will be about £20 and there won't be one you'll like!!!"
I do look like a bit of a chubba but oh well!!!The hat and dress are HM and the necklace is an oldie from Accessorise

Cheesy Cheesy

 After reading Kirsty's blog I just had to get the Model's own Snow white nail varnish. Boots are doing 3 for £10 on any Model's own products so I also purchased another needed bottle of 3 in 1 top coat/base coat/gloss and the Pearly Queen nail vanish

Snow white with a top coat of pearly white. Very cute!!!

Anyways, my gorgeous BF bought me two new books today so I am going to get a Fairtrade cocoa and delve in to one of them whilst snuggling!Night night!!!


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Photo Resolution

I have decided that I need to start putting more of my own photos in my blog. I am pretty self concious when it comes to image shots of myself but feel it'll be quite nice just to capture pictures of my life a bit more..

Law school today was knackering, the whole commute does wear me out and the day is so intellectually challenging I'm always ready to hit the hay when I get back.Today we had a stand-in for our usual company tutor as he was off sick. I found her far more interesting than the others tutours on the course. I think it was a mix of her teaching style and the fact that she had been so successful in her career as a solicitor (Legal Director of a bank-pretty heavy stuff). It's irritating that I don't get the opportunity to have that type of teaching every week but ah well....

Anyway that was my little update....ironically without any photos :-)

Speak soon

Sunday, 16 January 2011

EdMill's bodyguard and payday

The fabian conference was fantastic!!!After catching up with friends the night before, the BF and I were sleepyeyed but keenly waiting at the institute of education in Russel Square for the day ahead. My job for the first part of the day was to ensure that no-one entered the "green room" where EdMil and his hunkychunky bodyguards were to be hanging. It was absolutely terrifying and hilarious at the same time. I was told that no-one was allowed in including other speakers from the day. I had visions of saying no to Simon Hughes (Dept Lib Dem leader) and Polly Toynbee (renowned Guardian journo).

Following my few hours in bouncering I became a roving microphone for Ed's speech and several others through the day. It was terrifying, I ran around like a rabbit in headlights and looked like a complete idiot. The speech and his way of speaking was brilliant. For a copy of the speech you can read it here.

Due to exams looming and the rate of work at lawschool increasing I am very much looking forward to payday (Friday) and have been amassing a list of things to try on as well as buy. Here is a short selection so far!!!

Bertie Brogues from Were £75 now £37

Tall Scallop Edged Vest from Topshop £15

Tall cream bell sleeved shift dress Topshop £48

Tall Peg Leg Trousers New Look Was £21.99 now £14.99

Tall Tapered Trousers Topshop £38

Peter Pan dress Peacocks £16
Wah Nails/Models own Nail art pen £5 (I want them in both black and white)

Barry M Nail Paint £3.99

My last attempt with Barry M nail varnish on top of Lilac dream by Model's own

I also am in such a mood to buy some really good books, not that I have time to read them at the moment!!!Any suggestions????

Love axxx

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Just a quick one

Off to lawschool again tomorrow.I'm finding it so much harder post-Christmas!I think that it's a mixture of the dark mornings and the general down feeling you get that everything is over.

On the plus side I'm stewarding at the fabian conference on Saturday which is rather exciting. Ed Milliband is doing the keynote speech and it will be interesting to hear his views and ideas on which direction the Labour party is going to take! Hopefully I will meet some interesting people and hear some inspirational talks.

Anyways I'm shattered and have an early start. Just put on my night cream (Soap and Glory suprise suprise) and am off to bed.


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Where has the time gone??

I don't understand my lack of posting, I don't understand what I have been busy doing but there you go!!!
NYE was rather magical, we went to REVENGE in Brighton. It's a glorious club with two floors. My personal fav is the main floor which is a mix of normal clubbing tracks and the ultimate in gayness, plenty of GAGA, Katy Perry and JLS. Lavvesss it!!

My friend Eloisey came over from Spain and it was great to see her, she was super slim and it looked like the mediterranean lifestyle had been doing her good. She had a few issues with her BF (who was out in Kent) over the phone, but what night isn't complete without drama????He also bought her a Katy Perryesque dress afterwards which I feel does go some way to making up for it(her fav style icon at present)My BFF Rosie managed to pull not one, but two guys in the club which I feel is pretty impressive in a Gay Club. One of them was pretty scarey but he soon disappeared!!!

The BF doing the Brightonlook

At Revenge, with the Rum and Cokes

Drunk Moi.The dress is my ultimate favourite, from Topshop.The hair is Topshop.My cardi is my Mum's. The shoes I wore were Clarkies and my bag was Asos.The nails you can see are models own, Beth's Blue.

Shopswise I haven't done much in the way of sale shopping. I bought the PeterPan dress from newlook, which was a must, even though it was a bargain; it wasn't in the sale!!!I  also bought some new mascara from Asos which I am very excited about. It seems like it was destined to be mine, my current mascara has died a death and this one is called "Fairy Lashes". This was a bargain as the reduced set was cheaper than the mascara itself and comes with some yummy lip gloss as well :)
I feel I better do a couple of reviews about the Soap and Glory products I have been using as I haven't updated in a while. Firstly, the Breakfast scrub body smoother. It smells of Maple Syrup, reminds me of super hangover days or when theres a certain reason for a Maccy Ds breakfast, where I always get the pancakes!!!!The scrub itself does a great job of exfolitating and my skin always feels alot better post scrub. My ingrown hairs on my legs have reduced ( I have a real problem) and there's been a real reduction in dry skin as well. The scrub also moisturises and my skin feels like I have used an uber strength moisturiser before I slather anything else on!!My BF also used a bit when he had alot of ingrown hairs amongst his stubble and he was also muchly impressed!!!I deffos give it a 9/10

The second product I'm going to review is the glad hair day ultra-shine super-shampoo. I have to say after a couple of uses of this I have returned to my usual shampoo. I found my hair getting greasy soon after using it. It may just be my hair type, but I wasn't that impressed. The smell was very nice, but perhaps it would suit someone with drier hair more. I am going to donate it to someone and see how they get on with product. For me however it was a 4/10.

I am up to my eyeballs in Lawschool work, having had a lovely break I find that I have tonnes of prep to do as well as stacks of revision notes to make.Ah well.....that is life. Am hopefully going to do a spot of shopping with my Mum.I really need some new undies and really want some brogues. When I find them I will let you know.

Going to get into my PJs and watch something on the lappy with my gorgeous BF.