Sunday, 29 January 2012

Revision :(

Todayy I'm starting the mountain of revision I have to do....:-(Drinking coffee and wishing I was somewhere else. Yesterday we went to Slough to visit my Great aunty, this is the result of the bf "helping" her put away her scooter....

Sorry about the quality, my friend took it on her Iphone and was laughing

In other news I was elected as the women's officer of my constiency for the labour party YAY!!!! Very exciting.....

Anywhooo, best be off as have tonnes to do, enjoy your Sunday!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ebay= a couple of new bits for me

I have ebaying off all my unwanted and random pieces in my wardrobe that I haven't worn (or can't get into...sob) Therefore have treated myself to a couple of new bits....

I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter, and was lucky enough to kind of grow up with the series, Tescos at midnight running to get the book was always SO exciting!!
This is from Sawyer and Scout costing £9. I thoroughly recommend them. It came really quickly in lovely packaging

I have ordered this from ebay, I absolutely love the cute lace collar look, but struggle to find tops/dresses long enough for me. This I think is a great idea as I can just use it on dull ones that are long enough...Its a beautiful lace collar which is attached via a necklace. At £5.50 I thought it was a bit of a bargain.
I ordered this dress today and am hoping that it looks good on. I really love the colours, I think it will be really nice in the summer and for now with some snuggly accessories

It's half price on asos at the moment down from £55 to £27.50
I am also looking at getting both these pairs of shoes from Clarks whilst I still work there. Can't believe how trendy Clarks is becoming (It's great for me, especially as I get a staff discount)

The Tan loafers are a very reasonable £34.99 and the mega cute pumps are £44.99. I think the loafers are just classic and as my lived in new look ones are falling apart they will be perfect. The yellow pumps are very 60's and will look lovely in the summer teamed with a white dress and a sunny day.

I am also lusting after this Topshop dress, in my local store the normal range has about 10 variations but the tall range has it in a measely 3....ah well from the reviews online it sounds as if it is generally flattering to everyone and will quickly become a staple!
At £20 I think it is slightly steep however that's what good ole student discount is for!!!
I also quite fancy this Tshirt but again at £18 feel its a tad overpriced.....
It will look mega cute though :)
Now I'm not usually a fan of dotty Ps but this dress is so lovely and will be great for a special occasion ( I have a christening to go to in april)Also theres 25% off student discount at the mo!

£32 dress, but definitely a bit different

In other news has anyone been watching Call the midwidfe?I think its wonderful, and makes me cry a lot. House selling is all very stressful at the moment as is the looming exams, so have been doing a bit of baking to chill out (will do a post soon) Am getting good at honeycomb...which literally takes no time at all!!! Also last Weds my car decided to break down at college...thank god for my uncle who lives nearby who came and bought me a new battery and then fitted it for me in the pitch black rainy night...he is wonderful!!!Am looking forward to tomorrow night as BF's Dad is over and I'm going to cook them both Haggis,Neeps and Tatties with a Whisky sauce for Burns night!!!
Love axx

Love axx

Monday, 16 January 2012

Zumba hey

Today has been maniic, did a full shift at work and drove straight to Zumba afterwards....Manic but I did really enjoy zumba. I find it really good fun whilst at the same time being nice and exercisy!!! I have soooo much college work to crack on with tomorrow, but at the same time it'll be nice to drink coffee and learn!!!

I am currently concocting a list of bits to buy in 2012, which I hope to share in the next couple of days..
Had a fab weekend making "bena" cupcakes and marmalade as well as going to a gig and drinking farrrr to much

Love axxxx

Sunday, 8 January 2012


I am definitely on the mend now and starting to cough less and less.... Thank Goodness

Generally had a lovely weekend, the BF and I went into town on Saturday morning and visted a tea shop called polkadot heart, was very cute. The Bf had an earl grey in a cup and saucer and had his pinky out.

In the afternoon we went to the football, which was a bit horrible as there was some guys who were racist about a player, it's bizarre as in this age I feel that it just shouldn't exist. I went and reported them as I felt sick listening. It has really put me off the football and I feel that I will avoid it for a while, untill I'm less angry about it. GRRRRRRRRRRR......

Today we met up with my friend Sam and his little boy and went and played in the park/went for pizza/a walk on the beach. It was so sunny compared to the rest of the week and rather lovely really.....
I have spent a couple of hours attempting to catch up on all the work I have failed to do due to Christmas and illness.....and not got very far so am having the rest of the evening off!!!

Am off to have a Sunday soak, watch Sherlock (eeek!!) and have a snacky tea.....

Love axxxx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012, New start

I have decided to resurrect my blog.... new year new me etc etc etc. 2011 was without doubt, THE WORST YEAR EVER!!!However, its over now and things really have to get better!!!I have decided to write a list of goals of things I'd like to achieve in 2012......and hopefully I can achieve a few of them :-)

  • keep smiling
  • Run the Bupa 10K in May in memory of my Mum (and finish it?!)
  • Get a training contract in a decent legal aid firm
  • Get a distinction in my LPC
  • Lose the weight I have put on this year
  • Sell the house
  • Go travelling...EVERYWHERE...
  • Carry on baking
  • Have a fantabulous time with the BF.....
  • Get better at Zumba....especially now I have it on our brandspanking new kindle
Typically, the first week of 2012 I have a chest infection, so my goals aren't priority this week.....however 2012 will be fantabulous and my life WILL be good this year......

Loves of love axxxxx