Monday, 19 March 2012

my weekend

Having very little money, we had a very quiet weekend. It consisted mainly of baking for me and Xboxing for bf. I was also sad about Mother's day as I miss my Mummy lotses.
I had a guiness, my family are Irish so I do love St Paddys!! 
In my baking efforts I rustled up Sultana scones. vienesse whirls, shortbread, Victoria sponge and some chocolate covered honeycomb. Bf's Mum and Grandmum came over on Sunday for tea and cake which was nice
I love,love,love my vintage cakestand. I saw it in a florists and my bessie went back and bought it for me for my birfday!
Tomorrow I have a mountain of work to do....yawn, am also hoping the majority of the bf's pressies arrive (it's his birfday on Fri) so I can begin wrapping them. Fingers crossed we get an offer on our house this week, am desperate to start planning the move....


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