Saturday, 1 September 2012

I hope it will be an Indian summer but.....

I can feel it getting a bit chillier. The nights are getting dark before 9pm and we have had to put the duvet back on our back to stop it being fereezing in the morning. Although I adore the sunshine, I always get the "back to school" feeling come the first of September.....It's always disappointing to not go and get a new pencil case....:'-(

However I can start thinking about my Autumn wardrobe and buying a snuggly coat and boots......

As I've said in previous posts I'm nearly 5"10 so when it comes to clothes , the tall range is my best friend. I've been really disappointed that Newlook have really cut back on their tall range so now I'm even more limited, however it makes it all the more rewarding when I do find something that fits well!

I am seriously loving Topshop at the moment....
£30 Topshop Tall
 I love the bottle green of this cardi and there's nothing better than curling up with a boyfriend cardi sand a cuppa tea...
£70 Topshop
 When I first looked at these boots I was horrified...but after going past them on a regular basis I kept loving them a little bit more each time, I think they'd look fab with leggings/tights/trousers
We shall see if I'm brave enough......
£89 Topshop
 When I saw that Topshop had FINALLY made this duffel coat in the tall range I nearly cried.....I have wanted one of these for absolutely ages, this is what September wages are going on!!!
£36 Topshop tall
 This will be lovely for work with a pencil skirt and heels or with a pair of peg leg trousers and a blazer
£18 Topshop tall
 I have these already and they are really thick and comfy, however I managed to get a big hole in them via my washing machine so I am deffo going to invest in another pair this year
£36 Topshop tall
This is just simply lush...............................

Have you been looking at autumnal pieces or are  you holding onto the summer?????


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