Saturday, 8 September 2012

Triple performing facial emulsion with Spf 15- review

As you saw from my last post I went to the Benefit counter to have one of their make overs....

Now, I would only recommend going, if like me you were after a couple of bits or you had purchased bits and you wanted to know how they worked...DO NOT GO if you don't need anything... not only will you feel pressured to buy (my Benefits lady was lovely and did not oversell but still..)  and secondly even if your not sold to, you're going to want to buy it anyway!!!!!

I was after a new moisturiser and after researching a few, I felt this one sounded like a good option....

It is described as an emulsion as it is non oily, however it is meant to be hydrating. I suffer with sensitive, combination skin and I struggle to find a moisturiser that makes my skin moisturised yet not over greasy  As you can see it comes in a pretty bottle, which looks cute (I know that's not a big thing...but it kinda helps!)

 I like the fact it comes with a pump top so it doesn't all squeeze out, the benefit lady reckoned 3 pumps a go!

Overall I think the moisturiser is really good on my skin and a great base for make up, however at £19.50 it is pretty pricey, lets see how well it lasts!


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