Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012, New start

I have decided to resurrect my blog.... new year new me etc etc etc. 2011 was without doubt, THE WORST YEAR EVER!!!However, its over now and things really have to get better!!!I have decided to write a list of goals of things I'd like to achieve in 2012......and hopefully I can achieve a few of them :-)

  • keep smiling
  • Run the Bupa 10K in May in memory of my Mum (and finish it?!)
  • Get a training contract in a decent legal aid firm
  • Get a distinction in my LPC
  • Lose the weight I have put on this year
  • Sell the house
  • Go travelling...EVERYWHERE...
  • Carry on baking
  • Have a fantabulous time with the BF.....
  • Get better at Zumba....especially now I have it on our brandspanking new kindle
Typically, the first week of 2012 I have a chest infection, so my goals aren't priority this week.....however 2012 will be fantabulous and my life WILL be good this year......

Loves of love axxxxx