Sunday, 8 January 2012


I am definitely on the mend now and starting to cough less and less.... Thank Goodness

Generally had a lovely weekend, the BF and I went into town on Saturday morning and visted a tea shop called polkadot heart, was very cute. The Bf had an earl grey in a cup and saucer and had his pinky out.

In the afternoon we went to the football, which was a bit horrible as there was some guys who were racist about a player, it's bizarre as in this age I feel that it just shouldn't exist. I went and reported them as I felt sick listening. It has really put me off the football and I feel that I will avoid it for a while, untill I'm less angry about it. GRRRRRRRRRRR......

Today we met up with my friend Sam and his little boy and went and played in the park/went for pizza/a walk on the beach. It was so sunny compared to the rest of the week and rather lovely really.....
I have spent a couple of hours attempting to catch up on all the work I have failed to do due to Christmas and illness.....and not got very far so am having the rest of the evening off!!!

Am off to have a Sunday soak, watch Sherlock (eeek!!) and have a snacky tea.....

Love axxxx

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