Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ladies that Lunch

Today, My BFF Rosie and I went and watched a pre school nativity play about the angels who saw baby Jesus being born, but everyone was too busy to come!!Was very cute and I especially enjoyed the angels song about making themselves look pretty. We went for a spot of lunch at the Black Rabbit afterwards (gorgeous food, drink and views (

We also went into Arundel town and of course did a bit of Christmas shopping. Can't say what I got on here but there were some good bits. Theres so many little vintage jewellery shops in Arundel that are so beautiful. Also a great charity shop which is often host to some treasures due to the rather ridiculous amount of affluence in Arundel.

Sparks yard is a great shop with loads of quirky cooking bits in, smellies, Cath Kidston type bits and cutie presents. We stopped for a coffee in there and just had to share this beautiful Christmassy cupcake (to be honest it was so pretty I didn't want to eat it, it looked so cute).

Its not letting me upload it at the moment so will have to post it in my next post!!! I have lawschool tomorrow and am dreading the commute up to Guildford, however least it's the last one untill January!!!!On the super exciting side I also am going to see the Blood Red Shoes tomorrow at the Brighton concorde!!!!! They are an amazing Brighton two piece, really great stuff, def recommend them

Anyway need sleep and snuggles now, nunite


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