Thursday, 30 December 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting, it has been a busy Christmas!!!Had a lovely few days off, saw family and got lots of presents!!!My Mummy got me loads of fairtrade bits which was really yummy. She got me a super cool piggybank and some other bits :-)

She also got me my everyday perfume (A touch of pink).

From My Mum's BF I got the Vivienne Westwood perfume, Naughty Alice- super  yummy and all about me!!!It also came with a charm bracelet which I really like :)It's smells very grown up!

My bf got me some lovely presents. he got me some Models own nail varnish set which was really cool, can't wait to use them all.He also got me a necklace from the website It's beautiful!!!We also both bought each other tickets to see the comedian Mark Thomas which was very funny!

Really looking forward to NYE, we are going to Brighton to dance the night away.Going to gay it up and  then eat junk and come home and sleep, yawnies!!!!

Anyway, off to bed as I feel awful and have a whole day at work tomorrow!

Love axxx

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