Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday Night

So after spending a rather dull day doing sale prep at work I have decided to show pictures of my recent purchases to see what people think, I am a complete ASOS junkie and took advantage of the current advent calendar offers as well as getting the recently expired ASOS20 discount, I got this gorgeous fisherman cardi:
It's all warm and Christmassy!!!!    
I also have purchased (also from ASOS) some really warm socks to wear under my boots:

 I'm really looking forward to wearing them with my super old black topshop boots and with the boots I think I'm getting from Clarks, as I love them:
They're an absolutely gorgeous leather and really nice and long as well!!!My bf isnt that keen but meh!!

In other news I spent Friday night at the local Labour party Christmas meal, the food wasn't great but the company fabulous!Also won a decent bottle of wine which we enjoyed on the Saturday night!!!
Am nearly done Christmas shopping which I'm pleased with, just got a few more things here and there and done, hurray!!!
 Am going to finish the rest of my lawschool work tomorrow so I can get on with my case note for interrights (a great legal charity)

Then spending Tuesday watching a preschool nativity (so cute) and having lunch with my bff Rosie (see above)

Lots of love axxxx

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