Sunday, 9 January 2011

Where has the time gone??

I don't understand my lack of posting, I don't understand what I have been busy doing but there you go!!!
NYE was rather magical, we went to REVENGE in Brighton. It's a glorious club with two floors. My personal fav is the main floor which is a mix of normal clubbing tracks and the ultimate in gayness, plenty of GAGA, Katy Perry and JLS. Lavvesss it!!

My friend Eloisey came over from Spain and it was great to see her, she was super slim and it looked like the mediterranean lifestyle had been doing her good. She had a few issues with her BF (who was out in Kent) over the phone, but what night isn't complete without drama????He also bought her a Katy Perryesque dress afterwards which I feel does go some way to making up for it(her fav style icon at present)My BFF Rosie managed to pull not one, but two guys in the club which I feel is pretty impressive in a Gay Club. One of them was pretty scarey but he soon disappeared!!!

The BF doing the Brightonlook

At Revenge, with the Rum and Cokes

Drunk Moi.The dress is my ultimate favourite, from Topshop.The hair is Topshop.My cardi is my Mum's. The shoes I wore were Clarkies and my bag was Asos.The nails you can see are models own, Beth's Blue.

Shopswise I haven't done much in the way of sale shopping. I bought the PeterPan dress from newlook, which was a must, even though it was a bargain; it wasn't in the sale!!!I  also bought some new mascara from Asos which I am very excited about. It seems like it was destined to be mine, my current mascara has died a death and this one is called "Fairy Lashes". This was a bargain as the reduced set was cheaper than the mascara itself and comes with some yummy lip gloss as well :)
I feel I better do a couple of reviews about the Soap and Glory products I have been using as I haven't updated in a while. Firstly, the Breakfast scrub body smoother. It smells of Maple Syrup, reminds me of super hangover days or when theres a certain reason for a Maccy Ds breakfast, where I always get the pancakes!!!!The scrub itself does a great job of exfolitating and my skin always feels alot better post scrub. My ingrown hairs on my legs have reduced ( I have a real problem) and there's been a real reduction in dry skin as well. The scrub also moisturises and my skin feels like I have used an uber strength moisturiser before I slather anything else on!!My BF also used a bit when he had alot of ingrown hairs amongst his stubble and he was also muchly impressed!!!I deffos give it a 9/10

The second product I'm going to review is the glad hair day ultra-shine super-shampoo. I have to say after a couple of uses of this I have returned to my usual shampoo. I found my hair getting greasy soon after using it. It may just be my hair type, but I wasn't that impressed. The smell was very nice, but perhaps it would suit someone with drier hair more. I am going to donate it to someone and see how they get on with product. For me however it was a 4/10.

I am up to my eyeballs in Lawschool work, having had a lovely break I find that I have tonnes of prep to do as well as stacks of revision notes to make.Ah well.....that is life. Am hopefully going to do a spot of shopping with my Mum.I really need some new undies and really want some brogues. When I find them I will let you know.

Going to get into my PJs and watch something on the lappy with my gorgeous BF.


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