Sunday, 16 January 2011

EdMill's bodyguard and payday

The fabian conference was fantastic!!!After catching up with friends the night before, the BF and I were sleepyeyed but keenly waiting at the institute of education in Russel Square for the day ahead. My job for the first part of the day was to ensure that no-one entered the "green room" where EdMil and his hunkychunky bodyguards were to be hanging. It was absolutely terrifying and hilarious at the same time. I was told that no-one was allowed in including other speakers from the day. I had visions of saying no to Simon Hughes (Dept Lib Dem leader) and Polly Toynbee (renowned Guardian journo).

Following my few hours in bouncering I became a roving microphone for Ed's speech and several others through the day. It was terrifying, I ran around like a rabbit in headlights and looked like a complete idiot. The speech and his way of speaking was brilliant. For a copy of the speech you can read it here.

Due to exams looming and the rate of work at lawschool increasing I am very much looking forward to payday (Friday) and have been amassing a list of things to try on as well as buy. Here is a short selection so far!!!

Bertie Brogues from Were £75 now £37

Tall Scallop Edged Vest from Topshop £15

Tall cream bell sleeved shift dress Topshop £48

Tall Peg Leg Trousers New Look Was £21.99 now £14.99

Tall Tapered Trousers Topshop £38

Peter Pan dress Peacocks £16
Wah Nails/Models own Nail art pen £5 (I want them in both black and white)

Barry M Nail Paint £3.99

My last attempt with Barry M nail varnish on top of Lilac dream by Model's own

I also am in such a mood to buy some really good books, not that I have time to read them at the moment!!!Any suggestions????

Love axxx

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