Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Photo Resolution

I have decided that I need to start putting more of my own photos in my blog. I am pretty self concious when it comes to image shots of myself but feel it'll be quite nice just to capture pictures of my life a bit more..

Law school today was knackering, the whole commute does wear me out and the day is so intellectually challenging I'm always ready to hit the hay when I get back.Today we had a stand-in for our usual company tutor as he was off sick. I found her far more interesting than the others tutours on the course. I think it was a mix of her teaching style and the fact that she had been so successful in her career as a solicitor (Legal Director of a bank-pretty heavy stuff). It's irritating that I don't get the opportunity to have that type of teaching every week but ah well....

Anyway that was my little update....ironically without any photos :-)

Speak soon

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