Sunday, 30 January 2011

Spending a rio

ASOS have been doing a comp to add loads of stuff in your bag with the chance of winning it all......That was a good hour wasted!!!!/ASOSOfficial?v=app_173957682649087

In my bag I included many items from bikinis to playsuits to a leather satchel, more brogues (though I am STILL waiting on the Bertie brogues) and now I really hope I win, though the chances are slim.Here are a selection of bits that I put in my basket

ASOS leather vintage style satchel

ASOS Techno Boheme Printed Jersey Culotte

Mango heart skirt

One teaspoon tie back bandeau dress

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

YMC playsuit

I haven't got any piccies of moi to put up today as I've been revising most of the time and felt a picture of me going crosseyed attempting to revise tax law wasn't a very good idea.

On the plus side, I am now one of my CLP's representatives at county party level, which is quite exciting. The BF is off to Glasgow on the 12/13th Feb weekend for the youth conference. Most GF's would probably be sad as it is valentine's weekend, however as I have three exams the next weekend I feel its a blessing. (Thats right 3 exams at a weekend!!!YUK!!)

On Tuesday I am off out for my friend Michelle's 21st, so should have a few nice piccies from that. Not sure what I'm going to wear yet, will plan tomorrow me thinks. Am spending tomorrow revising and getting my eyebrows waxed (prob go for a cheeky costa as well) deffo be the revision that will be the most painful.

Off to sleepies now, (sorry about the dullness of this post, will be more exciting next time I promise)

Love axxxx


  1. Oooooo such a pretty bag.
    I want it please !