Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pearly queen and dreams of Paris

Hi all,

Well I have had a throughly lazy weekend and haven't done the Lawschool work that I wanted to. Nevermind!!!!I think its done me good to have some chillaxing time and I plan to work really hard this week as the exams are only a month away. On the positive side I have actually taken a few pictures for the blog!!!!:)I am very pleased with myself!

On Friday I had a bit of a spend up and bought the Bertie brogues that I featured a couple of posts ago. I also went to Topshop and had a rather disappointing time, the lace dress I was desperate for just didn't look quite right. In the 14 it fitted but was too baggy round the waist adding inches which I really do not need. Whereas in the 12 it was too tight on my childbearing hips!!!I also didnt like the trousers as they were a tiny bit too short (even in the tall range!!!) I did like a burt umber type top but at £32 I thhought it was a bit pricey for how many times I'd wear it!!

In HM I did have a bit more success and bought myself a skirt (which I haven't worn to take a piccy of yet) a summer maxi dress and a very Hepburn style hat. We are going to France this summer which both are perfect for. The dress was half price at  £7 and the hat a bargain at £3!Furthermore as my Mum says, "When it gets to summer the hats will be about £20 and there won't be one you'll like!!!"
I do look like a bit of a chubba but oh well!!!The hat and dress are HM and the necklace is an oldie from Accessorise

Cheesy Cheesy

 After reading Kirsty's blog I just had to get the Model's own Snow white nail varnish. Boots are doing 3 for £10 on any Model's own products so I also purchased another needed bottle of 3 in 1 top coat/base coat/gloss and the Pearly Queen nail vanish

Snow white with a top coat of pearly white. Very cute!!!

Anyways, my gorgeous BF bought me two new books today so I am going to get a Fairtrade cocoa and delve in to one of them whilst snuggling!Night night!!!


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