Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Let's talk about tax baby

Not really. My lawschool tutor sung that (Salt 'n' Peppa I believe) to try and get us to enjoy tax law, sadly it didn't work!!!Just a quick un today, just got back from Aquagym and am FAMISHED!!!!!Got salmon cooking in the oven and am very excited so this post is a race against time as it were!!!

Today I thought I'd do a quick review of the product that got me so OBSESSED with soap and glory. That product is this....NO Clogs allowed!!!As you can see from above it is very well used in my house. This is about my 3rd bottle. My Mummy and BF both use it as well!

I put about a grape sized amount on my face and rub it in quite ferociously. The mask heats up (quite strange the first time) and leaves your skin feeling very soft and well clean.Timing  Depends on what kind of face mask you want to be honest. I leave it on from 5- 15 mins. I would throughly recommend it!!!!
Anyways food and revision await!!!Night all,


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